Terms & Conditions Ordering Raw

Ordering Raw Dog food Terms & Conditions

When placing an order on pawstohooves.co.uk you agree to theses terms and conditions. Using PawstoHooves.co.uk website to order, delivery method options will be presented from which the customer may select their preferred choice, either Express delivery or Click & Collect locations.

When placing an order online, each delivery option available to the customer and the associated delivery or collection, can be selected accordingly. Each delivery method has a differing cost/charge dependant on method of delivery (example: national delivery incurs a charge where as a Click and Collect location attracts no delivery charge).

In the instance of an national courier delivery, the purchaser should provide an accurate delivery address and any associated information required to ensure pawstohooves.co.uk and/or its subcontractors has the best opportunity to accurately deliver the goods to the correct location.

When using the National delivery option, pawstohooves.co.uk packs the goods as effectively as possible to retain the goods as frozen for a period of 24 – 48 hours from despatch from its premises. There is no guarantee the goods will remain frozen until delivery / receipt, although PawstoHooves.co.uk makes every effort they remain so at time of despatch.

National orders will be dispatched in cardboard boxes with a thermal liner designed to provide a thermal barrier between the products and the outside of the box. Within the box a system of insulation is used to slow the thawing process. This method of packaging allows the products to remain insulated for a reasonable period, estimated to be between 24 – 48 hours.

This 24 – 48 hour period can be reduced if inclement weather and summer temperatures impose a speeding up of the thawing process. In the event of the occasional and partial thawing of products during this 24 – 48 hour period, please immediately place goods in a freezer to avoid spoiling. It is quite safe to refreeze meat products if required but only if they have not been spoiled. This allowance to refreeze cold, unspoilt and yet unfrozen product is confirmed by all of pawstohooves.co.uk and brands of meats. The definition of spoilt are goods that are all registering a temperature higher than +3% or higher on arrival. In the event that goods arrive spoilt in a National delivery, either on the specified delivery date or thereafter, pawstohooves.co.uk cannot accept any liability.

If goods arrive later than the due date and are spoilt, pawstohooves.co.uk cannot accept any liability.

The morning your delivery is due you’ll receive a text message from DHL or DPD giving you a one hour time slot. You can track your delivery via your mobile phone. If you can not be home to receive your order you should give specific instruction to leave safe or with a neighbour.

You MUST NOT request to reschedule or postpone the delivery due to it being perishable goods.


Raw Orders made to Scotland & Highlands are not covered and you order at your own risk due to  the distance . Parcels that are lost / disposed of will not be refunded.

By placing an order of raw dog food with PawstoHooves, you as the customer agree that parcels that are lost or disposed of by couriers are not eligible for a refund. Due to the nature of the product being Raw dog food that is perishable. Customers accept that PawstoHooves is not responsible or liable for parcels during transit. By proceeding with the order, customers acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions regarding Raw dog food.