Raw Food & Treats

We sell a large range of raw dog & cat food alongside raw treats. These are available to purchase online from anywhere in the Uk and you can buy them instore. We also offer Delivery locally in South Yorkshire- Rotherham. If you require a delivery you can do this online or alternately you can ring us directly or message us on Facebook. 

Our instore staff are always happy to help and advise you when starting to feed Raw food ! 

We sell all ranges of flavours from beef ,chicken, Turkey, duck and more.
We Stock Durham animal feeds, Bulmers, natures menu and a few more brands too. Bulmers dog food is what we stock the most , Each block weighs 454g / 1lb and they range in price.
We also stock many frozen treats and chunks including Frozen sprats (fish) , heart chunks, tripe chunks, filled hooves and much more. 

If you have any other questions please pop into store and we can have a chat to help you ! Thanks pawstohooves